Decoding Bizarre Pregnancy Cravings

Decoding Bizarre Pregnancy Cravings -- The Holistic Dietitian

Oh pregnancy cravings.

They bring out the most inner needs and desires from within.

A woman's needs increase during pregnancy, as she quite literally, builds a human being. The baby, who relies on mama's nourishment, needs vital nutrients such as protein for tissue growth, healthy fats for organs and brain development, and minerals such as iron to build healthy blood. Eating nutrient-dense, properly prepared foods supports mom's well-being as well by supporting the body to handle the transitions of pregnancy while minimizing discomfort and even lowers the risk of preclampsia and other complications.

Cravings give us an indication of possible nutrients we may be lacking in our own diet. Listen to your body, but instead of devouring a plate full of burned and charred chicken wings, know that your body may be asking for the carbon which can be found in fresh fruits.

What is your body telling you? Use the chart to decode those bizarre food cravings and determine what nutrients your body is really asking for!

What bizarre pregnancy cravings have you experienced?

Decoding Bizarre Pregnancy Cravings -- The Holistic Dietitian
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