[Recipe] Sauteed Apple Slices

Apple slices sautéed in about 2 Tbsp grass-fed butter and sprinkled with some organic Ceylon cinnamon.

Sauteed apples -- The Holistic Dietitian

This is a perfect snack when you want something sweet. The cinnamon triggers a sweet taste while actually curbing blood sugar by lowering insulin resistance. The grass-fed butter provides healthy fatty acids, vitamin K2, and slows the absorption of the natural sugars from the apple while making the snack more satiating... Keeping you feeling full for longer. Plus, it's oh-so-delicious! Tastes like apple pie filling!!! 🍎😍

Use Granny Smith Apples and this snack is RESTART-compliant!

The RESTART Program led by Amy Gonzalez, RD, LD, NTP