Self-Care: How Important Is It, Really?

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We all can have those days, where we feel that no matter how hard we work, we are still playing a precarious game of Jenga with our schedules and task lists. All of this builds up within, and we’re not just talking about stress levels either. When we have nothing to mitigate or support the daily stress we put our bodies under, such as muscle breakdown with no replenishment, it will be hard to bounce back the next day.

The Liver Tows the Line.

Our livers are powerful workhorses, and has a multitude of functions within the body. On any given day, your liver is bears the burden of processing caffeine, hormones (both internally produced, and externally), as well as any environmental toxicity that we are exposed to.

This includes consuming foods that were sprayed with harmful chemicals, such as some of the fruits and veggies on the "dirty dozen" list, and conventionally-raised raised meats. Our liver also processes any exposure that we have from less-than clean body care products, such as aluminum or parabens.

Aluminum in particular is a neurotoxin. Primarily found in deodorants, aluminum is pretty handy as a “stank stopper”, but it’s to our detriment. Sweating is an essential part of detoxification, and it’s actually not the norm to have really smelly pits. If you notice that when you do not use deodorant you get a whiff of something really off, that is your body expressing something is out of balance.

The Skin You’re In.

Our skin depends on what we eat to rebuild on a cellular level, but having a set self-care routine in the evenings is important for skin rejuvenation, and for your body to put to work all the good food you consumed during the day.

An important part of any skin-care routine is sleep.

Using creams and moisturizers can help, but it cannot surpass your “beauty sleep”. When we enter stage 3 and stage 4 of our sleep cycle, this is when the human growth hormone (HGH) kicks in, and helps to repair tissues and higher cell reproduction.  Our bodies depend on stage 3 and stage 4 sleep for true replenishment on a cellular level.

Going with the Flow.

Your lymph system acts as a stoic river in your body: it only can shuttle out the bad if you have some movement behind it. This is why dry brushing should be a part of every woman’s nightly routine. Not only does it slough away the dead skin cells from the long day, it gets your lymph fluid moving, which acts as a shuttle for any viable invaders in the body.

This is where your immune system gets it’s filtering power, and with lack of movement (i.e. little to no exercise, no movement on the top layer skin), it becomes stagnant. This leaves you prone to a slow filtering system, which can put pressure on your immune system to kick into gear.

So, how do we push back against daily stress with an evening routine?

Dry brushing.

This is an essential piece to get that lymph moving, and to clear away all the dead skin cells. It is also a very relaxing part to any evening routine.

Setting the mood.

Making your bedroom a sanctuary by clearing out as many electronic distractions as possible. This is your peaceful place, and the spot where you are going to get the most rejuvenating rest possible.

Grounding yourself.

Meditative practices can be a wonderful addition to your bedtime routine, as well as sipping on a calming tea, such as Jasmine or Lavender.

Using skin care that is right for you.

This can be a tricky one! There are so many natural skin care lines out there to choose from, and more than half of them still have dubious-looking ingredients. One line that I believe in, and fully support, is Beautycounter. Beautycounter uses only all-natural ingredients, so you don't have to worry about your skin absorbing nasty chemicals. With the sun returning to beat down on us mercilessly here in Texas, I picked up their all-natural sun-protection line. It's hard to find a sustainable sunscreen you can spray, which is why I really love their non-aerosol sunscreen. 

Applying all these tips and more to your self-care routine, but are still struggling with skin issues or lack of energy throughout your day? It may be time for a (gut) check!

I would love to schedule a free, 30-minute session with you to discuss how we can help get your skin health (and sanity) back on track.


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