Drink Up: Staying Hydrated in the Summer

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The hotter months are upon us, and you know what that means: hydration!

Our metabolic health depends on how well hydrated we remain during the day, but it’s not just about guzzling a gallon of water per day (this can actually do some damage over extended periods of time).

Clear urine does not mean that you are well-hydrated. You are actually washing out vital minerals through drinking too much water, or drinking too quickly.

It sounds a bit odd, considering that we’ve been told to drink a gallon a day for so long. But it actually does more harm than good to drink so much all at once. Our body needs the opportunity to absorb minute amounts of water at a time, allowing proper cellular absorption. Electrolytes are the traffic conductors for directing water (and nutrients) throughout the body.  This magic mix of electrolytes (primarily sodium, magnesium, and potassium), is imperative for cellular communication, and when diluted too much, we end up losing this important, internal balance through our urine.

“Sole water” for interstitial balance.

If you have been craving salty foods, a good way to negate taking in too much processed salts is to add a dash of unrefined, natural sea salt to your water. This will help provide the needed sodium for electrolyte balance, along with helping you to hold onto your water a little longer for your cells to utilize.

“Eating your water” also helps to keep you hydrated.

By this I mean, consuming fruits and veggies that are high in electrolyte content, such as cucumbers, or strawberries.  

Don’t toss those tops!

This time of the year being a bountiful time for berries, there is a lot that can go to waste. Over the past year, I have been exploring many ways of utilizing and recycling leftovers. Not only do I try to feed my family food that has been as close to good soil as possible, but I also try and use as much as I can of what I prepare.

If you are up to your ears in strawberry tops, here are a couple of options for using them for ultimate summertime hydration:

Infused Water.

If you have ever been to a spa, you probably have had the chance to enjoy infused water. Making your own is really simple, and can be fun!

  • 1 large, Bell jar

  • Leftover strawberry tops

  • 1 half cucumber

  • A few sprigs of fresh mint

Just place all your ingredients in your jar, fill with water, cover and leave in the fridge overnight. Letting the flavors “marry” over the course of the night is perfect if you want a stronger flavor.

It’s all about the ‘bucha.

If you make your own kombucha (or just buy it off your local producer!), you can toss in your strawberry tops for an added, fruity kick.  

Infusing vinegars, salad soils.

It can be a real hassle finding a soy-free, dairy-free salad dressing in the store, and there seems to be times where we just can’t find the one we really want! Making your own is really easy, and adding in your strawberry tops to seep can add that extra level of flavor.

Strawberry Top Vinaigrette

  • ½ cup of cold-pressed avocado oil, or olive oil.

  • Salt and pepper to taste

  • 1 ½ TBSP organic, balsamic vinegar

  • All the strawberry tops!

Let all ingredients marinate in a small jar overnight. Dispense in your desired containers (including one for on-the-go!), and enjoy!

What do you do with your leftover tops? 

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