What We Feed Our Fur Baby

It had happened to everyone at some point or another. You walk into the pet store to pick up something really quick, and you end up walking out with the cutest dog or cat you just couldn’t refuse.

This is what happened to Andrew and me the other day when we went to the local pet store to buy a little frog for our tank at home. They were having an adoption event and when we both saw those huge, sad eyes and just couldn’t help ourselves.


When we brought Cash home, we realized he wasn’t doing so hot, and it turns out he was pretty sick. He had some immune issues going on, and I immediately started looking into an alternative healing diet for him. The dog we had previously owned passed away much too young because of some undetermined health problems. I knew that the next time we got another fur baby, I would want to feed him or her the best diet I could.



A majority of the immune system is in the gut, so I knew I had to start at ground zero for Cash in supporting his gut with probiotics. I whipped up a batch of goat milk treats for the probiotic support. Both raw goat and cow’s milk have been found to contain beneficial bacteria.

I wanted to make sure Cash was going to have healing from his food too, so we looked into the raw food diet for him. There is a local co-op here that carries raw food for dogs, and though it is not organic, it’s still a much better option for him than Alpo.

Next, we made a garlic and onion-free (both of which are toxic to dogs) bone broth to drizzle into his food, along with cod liver oil. If your pooch doesn’t mind you having him take the actual pill, you can gently tip his head back and place in the mouth. I don’t normally like to do it this way so instead I simply just drizzle the cod liver oil over their food as well.

And the last little thing I added into Cash’s “protocol” was a green powder I got off of Amazon. I try to get everything organic or high-quality to avoid any heavy metals, and this brand is pretty good. It has plenty of whole food ingredients, as well as the antioxidants he will need to fight back and boost his immune system.

One other thing we used to boost his immune system while he fought off this virus, was Vibactra. This blend contains brown mustard seeds, clove, and olive leaf. All of which are really good for immune support, especially in humans! It can be used to help fight off viral or bacterial infections, but you can also use it as an everyday supplement for your pets (especially if they are an older pet).

Still hanging back from putting your fur babies on a raw food, or whole food, diet? 

Ask me all your questions in the comments below! I would love to share with you what I have learned about "working with" Cash. 

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