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Feed your fertile body with the ingredients it needs to grow and raise a healthy baby!

Whether you are a soon-to-be parent or are ready to welcome another child into your family, this six-week workshop walks you through the foundations of health affecting our fertility.  By focusing on nourishing the body in preparation of conception, this course is designed for those who are considering pregnancy or for those who are struggling with recurrent miscarriages, infertility, or secondary infertility. This course is a self-study format. You work at your own pace through this 6-module workbook. After each module, you receive a 30-minute private session with me to discuss the topics and any questions that you have. You will be fully supported through foundational nutrition information and actionable steps designed to empower you to feed your pregnant body with the raw ingredients it needs to grow a healthy baby!

Learn how you can build your family with sound nutrition and practical lifestyle changes.


What You'll Learn:

Week 1: Best kept secrets about fats and fertility

  • The importance of fat soluble vitamins

  • How cholesterol affects our hormones

  • The link between fats and morning sickness

Week 2: Sugar, not so sweet after all

  • Sugar's effect on hormones and fertility

  • The many names of sugar

  • The best and worst options for your sweet tooth

Week 3: Basic techniques of proper food preparation

  • Proper preparation of grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds

  • Importance of hydration

  • The role of adrenal and thyroid stress on fertility and miscarriage

Week 4: Boost fertility by decreasing inflammation

  • What causes inflammation

  • Food allergies and sensitivities on fertility

  • Helpful foods/Hurtful foods

Week 5: Improving protein digestion and mineral absorption

  • The importance of stomach acid

  • Digestion's role in male fertility

  • Supporting digestion and absorption

Week 6: Gut reactions: how our microbiome affects us, generation after generation

  • The importance of a healthy microbiome

  • What causes dysbiosis

  • Supporting a healthy gut


What you receive:

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made”
— Psalm 139:14
  • Digital Feed Your Fertile Body™ Workbook.

  • Self-paced home study. Complete lessons at your leisure.

  • Receive two 30-minute sessions with Amy via phone or video call (after you complete the 3rd and 6th module).

  • Practical action steps broken down into easy weekly tasks: Shopping lists, pantry clean-out assignments, foods to add, and foods to remove.

  • Access to The Holistic Dietitian's members-only pages with snack ideas, recipes, and additional resources.

Workbook Includes:

  • Class materials

  • Resources for home and body care

  • Information on GMOs

  • Further reading suggestions

  • Fertility-supporting food chart

  • Recipes


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