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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Feed Your Pregnant Body™ course is for those who are pregnant and want to nourish their body through diet and lifestyle to support their growing baby! Together, you will be guided down topics that help support your baby, yourself, and creating a healthy environment for when baby arrives. This course is a self-study format. You work at your own pace through this 6-module workbook. After each module, you receive a 30-minute private session with me to discuss the topics and any questions that you have. You will be fully supported through foundational nutrition information and actionable steps designed to empower you to feed your pregnant body with the raw ingredients it needs to grow a healthy baby!

Learn how you can build your family with sound nutrition and practical lifestyle changes.


What You'll Learn:

Week 1: Nutrition basics, morning sickness, and carb cravings

  • Top foods for pregnancy

  • Causes of morning sickness

  • How to deal with carbohydrate cravings

Week 2: Pregnancy fatigue

  • Link between blood sugar and fatigue

  • Thyroid health in pregnancy

  • Remedies for fighting fatigue!

Week 3: Toxic exposures and your baby

  • The #1 most damaging exposure

  • What-in-the-world to look for when minimizing toxins

  • How to prioritize avoidance of exposures

Week 4: Leveling up your nutrition game

  • Fat-soluble vitamins and baby's development

  • Upgrading your sleep

  • Common concerns in pregnancy

Week 5: Pregnancy Digest: optimizing digestion & gut health

  • Troubleshooting reflux, heart burn, constipation

  • Balancing gut flora for mom and baby

  • Minimizing Group B Strep

  • How to support baby's gut flora if c-section is required

Week 6: Postpartum recovery & breastfeeding

  • The roadmap to postpartum healing

  • Optimizing milk production

  • Tips & tricks for the postpartum period


What you receive:

“I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb.”
— Jeremiah 1:5
  • Digital Feed Your Pregnant Body™ Workbook.

  • Self-paced home study. Complete lessons at your leisure.

  • Receive two 30-minute sessions with Amy via phone or video call (after you complete the 3rd and 6th module).

  • Access to The Holistic Dietitian's members-only pages with snack ideas, recipes, and additional resources.

Workbook Includes:

  • Class materials

  • Resources for home and body care

  • Information on GMOs

  • Further reading suggestions

  • Pregnancy diet plan

  • Self-assessments

  • Meal-planning tips

  • Recipes


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