Are girl scout cookies invading your kitchen? Do you have left over chocolates from Christmas that are tempting you to break your New Years Resolutions? A Kitchen Detox may be just what you need.

During a Kitchen Detox, we start by sitting down for a chat. We discuss your health goals and where you are at in your wellness journey. Then together, we detox your kitchen by sifting through your pantry, cupboards, fridge, and freezers, and even that hidden chocolate stash.

Although it sounds odd when we say it aloud, many of us hold emotional attachments to some of the foods we have in our pantry. Get the support you need from an unbiased outsider to help you rid your pantry of toxic foods.

During the detox, we discuss resources on healthier food swaps, how to read nutrition labels, and leave you with a fresh start and a feeling a renewed sense of empowerment.

Is your pantry in need of some cleaning?