Amy Gonzalez, RD, LD, NTP, CLT


As a Registered Dietitian and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I have always felt a calling for working with, and supporting, the mother-child dyad. I graduated from the Texas Christian University Coordinated Program of Dietetics and began my career working in a hospital setting and then later worked for the government program Woman, Infants, Children (WIC). 

My pivotal moment was when my husband and I took a premarital preparation class. Our instructor, while talking about the benefits of Natural Family Planning, mentioned the negative health consequences of birth control pills. The pill depletes vitamin and minerals stores, disrupts hormones, increase cancer risks, and even alters your intestinal bacteria! She planted the seed by saying that there is no medical reason a woman should be on birth control pill; conditions such as PMS, cycle irregularities, PCOS can be managed through nutrition. This blew my mind. Here I was, as a dietitian, and I was just know learning this! Why did my doctor not tell me these things when I was 12 years old and had irregular cycles? Later, when I became pregnant with my son, I used a midwife and was further exposed to a completely different model of health and wellness.

Meanwhile, with my own clients, I witnessed an increase in infant allergies, childhood obesity, congenital defects, pregnancy complaints, and delivery complications. Often the link between these issues and nutrition go unrecognized. That's when I turned to functional nutrition. Functional nutrition is equipping the body with the raw materials necessary to thrive in a healthful mind and body. The foods we eat, our nutrition, shapes the very core of our being, all the way down to the expression of our DNA. I took my education a step further to obtain my certification as Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the distinguished Nutritional Therapy Association based in Olympia, Washington. With my diverse training, I integrate my clinical nutrition experience with what is considered a more holistic approach to address the root cause.

My mission is to support women who are tired of dieting and want to learn how to fuel their body and minds to help get them out of the fog. I want to empower women to be able to utilize the unique gifts they've been given so that they can live their best life. We only have one life to live, that is!


I believe that when we provide our body with the real, nourishing foods that God provided for us, we can be stewards of our body, enabling us to serve in the way that He has called us.