Personalized Nutrition:

        respecting your unique "story" 


You are more than the calories you have been counting, and far more than the diet you have been restricted to.

When it comes to food, it really comes down to the bottom line of:

Is what Iā€™m eating fulfilling my energy needs, and does it get along with my biology? 

As a woman who has counted her calories, and painfully so, I understand just where you are coming from. Our bodies deserve more than restriction from foods we may need, or giving our body foods it really doesn't need or is compatible with. 

My mission is to help busy women who are tired of surviving to live out their God-given potential through the power of whole food nutrition. If you're tired of dieting and following the nutrition "rules" that leaves you feeling tired, frustrated, and hungry, then you are in the right place! At the heart of our holistic approach is functional nutrition-- in which we take a fundamental approach towards your health concerns. Together, we bust through the food pyramid and develop a personalized plan specific to your unique needs, nourishing the body to allow you to fully engage with life!


Working With Me


No more Calorie Counting

This is your permission to unplug from yo-yo dieting and ditch dieting forever! You will discover how simple nutrition and lifestyle changes can transform your health.

A True Re-Definition of Health

Health is more than just a number. You will be learning how nagging symptoms such as eczema, fatigue, irritability, and brain fog can be indicators of internal stress.

You can Love Food Again! 

You will discover how to find pleasure in food and that it truly is possible to separate guilt from eating, for keeps! Every bite should be with the intention of loving our selves.

A personalized nutrition plan: just for you, designed by you

As a team, we will uncover nutritional deficiencies and imbalances. You will be learning how foods affect your moods and emotions and how to conquer cravings. Through targeted nutrition, we will develop a plan that is as unique as you.